Radio Club Sneznik has an active 2m and 70 cm voice repeaters covering a wide area around Ilirska Bistrica installed at Mount Grmada near village of Starod.

UHF 70 cm repeater

Callsign: S55UIB
Working frequency : 438,700 MHz
Offset: -7,6 MHz
Subtone:  123 Hz
Echolink Node ID: 200776

VHF 2m repeater

Callsign: S55VIB
Working frequency: 145,750 MHz
Offset: -0,6 MHz
Sub-tone / CTCSS: 123 Hz


APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System is a digital amateur radio system for realtime communication with following capabilities:

  • Communication of geographical data about objects, including direction, speed and altitude
  • Communication of meteorological data
  • Communication of telemetry
  • Communication of messages
  • Communication of bulletins and announcements
  • Sharing of the information over the internet

System was developed during 1980s by Bob Bruninga - WB4APR, an radio amateur and senior researcher at United States Naval Academy.
During last decade system became very popular in Slovenia and was supported by main amateur radio manufacturers like Kenwood and Yaesu.
Numerous APRS dipeaters and internet gateways were built and installed all across Slovenia to extend APRS system coverage across whole territory.
Many members of Radio Club Sneznik Ilirska Bistrica are active on APRS so APRS digipeater was installed near the village of Rjavce and many of the members also host internet gateways at home.

APRS Igate Sneznik
APRS Digi & WX Station Rjavce
APRS Digi & WX Station Kutezevo